Did you take a look at your bathroom recently and think it could do with a little brightening up? It is easy to neglect the smallest room but this is the place where you can actually make a big impression with only a little cash. After all, it is one of the rooms in the house which most guests will need to use. When redecorated, it can be a space to be proud of. One way of creating an impression is with the use of an illuminated mirror. Don’t be shy – here’s how you can spruce up the bathroom with this sparkling accessory.

Style and Looks

One of the main reasons for sourcing an illuminated mirror for the bathroom is the style. A shiny mirror surrounded with lights creates such a welcoming and impressive look that it’ll be the first thing people notice – if you don’t have the money to replace all the fittings and fixings in the bathroom it won’t matter. With a new designer mirror, people won’t notice if other features are a little old.

Benefits of Focused Lighting

Obviously, a mirror also needs to be functional as well as stylish. You don’t want an impractical mirror in your bathroom taking up wall space when you can’t use it properly. The benefits of an illuminated mirror include better lighting – because the light source is from around the sides and also at the top of the mirror (not overhead) you can see all details on your face more clearly. Better lighting helps you apply make-up more evenly and with few mistakes. Those needing to shave will be able to do so without any mishaps. Better lighting makes it more pleasant to carry out all sorts of grooming tasks.

Lighting for Other Purposes

The lights on the mirror are not only good for precision tasks. The extra light source makes the room look bigger, even more so since it is close to the mirrored surface. You can also use the lights on the mirror when you want to take a bath in soft light – skip the overhead lights and don’t bother with candles. The subtle lighting is great for a long soak in the tub.

Space-Saving and Hi-Tech Benefits

According to lightmirrors.co.uk, LED lights are excellent for creating a modern look to the room and they also have the advantage of being bright without creating an intense heat source. Other extra features that make illuminated mirrors even more of an attraction in the bathroom include the addition of a socket for shavers and a de-mist function. If you have ever had the inconvenience of having to open a window in the middle of winter to clear the glass when you want to see in the mirror, then you’ll realise how convenient a mirror with built-in demister actually is.

Take a look at the range of illuminated mirrors on offer in all different styles – from super-modern to classic. When you install one, you instantly upgrade your room and provide a stylish focal point.

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