If you are remodeling your bathroom, you will probably have noticed the abundance of white plastic and chrome that is available for it. Now, these are fine materials, but everybody has them in their bathrooms, and getting in any character into your bathroom with plastic and chrome seems impossible without accessories.

However, you could break this current trend and go retro style? Which period you pick doesn’t matter as mix and matching retro styles is completely acceptable, and all you need is an idea of what to buy and somewhere to buy it. Hopefully, these ideas will help you.

The Bath

Obviously, your starting point should be a bath, and a free-standing four-legged bath is perhaps the most glamorous. Nothing is as retro as this, and you will have an instant character in the room. You could look for these at salvage yards or online, but be prepared to pay for some refurbishment if you get one from a salvage yard.

The Sink

Personally, I love the old Bristol sinks, as they hark back to an age of sculleries and maids and everything related to the empire. Any angular sink on legs will give you a retro look though, and you can pick these up very cheaply if you do some research online or visit a salvage yard. This is very little money and works for a classic look.


Whether you like the idea of heavy wrought iron mirror frames or art Deco squares, you can use any old mirror to add to your look; and no matter what the style is, you can guarantee the mirror will make the room look better. In fact, no matter what your choice of the bathroom, mirrors are a great way to provide the illusion of space and of course illuminated mirrors are the perfect way to add extra light when needed. We wrote an article about awesome bathroom decorating ideas with illuminated mirrors


Something slimline and funky is probably out of the question, as old radiators were bigger than the designer radiators of today. Luckily for those after the retro look, radiators are available from many online sites at great prices, and these newer versions are more efficient than the originals; I dare you to notice the difference.


Like radiators, retro taps are available online and in many retail outlets. They may not be made of the same materials, but quality taps can still be bought that will last for years to come.


I don’t think that any retro bathroom would be complete without being tiled in the right fashion. Small tiles are the order of the day, and for an older look, you should be looking for classic white or a combination of black and white. This industrialized look is perfect for a retro bathroom and is easy to get clean. Tiles are available anywhere, and if you can’t find the garish combinations from the 70s that you want, you could always paint them


If you haven’t got tiles, you have to have wood. There is something about the dark, heavy feel of wood that gives a feeling of age, and you can use this to create your retro feel. Toilet seats, the side panels of a bath, the floor, and the bathroom cabinets can all be made of wood (budget permitting). The darker the wood the better, as pine definitely does not give the desired effect.

Retro is nothing new (pardon the pun), but it is still a great way to build character into a remodeled room and is a sure way to put your own personality into it too.

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