Portable shelters are a novel way to find temporary to permanent storage solutions at an affordable price. Such shelters have been in use for decades, but only recently have included large structure solutions. These shelters are composed of tension fabrics and make use of standard and heavy-duty galvanized square steel or aluminium tubing. They’re designed to hold up under tough weather conditions and can be used for the following eight purposes.

1. Company events. No need to worry about whether your outdoor company event will be cancelled because of the weather. Portable shelters provide protection from the sun as well as from rain and other elements. Place the shelter directly over picnic tables or set up tables and chairs inside. Your company event can continue uninterrupted.

2. Public races. You’re holding a special run to raise funds and awareness for a debilitating disease, cancer or other worthwhile cause. At various points in the run, you’ll have stations set up to provide drinks for the participants. Those stations can be protected by portable shelters, helping to keep drinks cool and provide protection for your volunteers.

3. Mountain trekking. If your journey takes you up to the summit, you’ll need places to stop, catch a breath, get something to eat and rest. A portable shelter can be set up to give your team a place to enjoy the respite, providing protection even when conditions are at their coldest.

4. Equipment protection. You have lawn equipment such as a riding mower, lawnmowers, rakes, shovels and leaf blowers. Instead of clogging up your shed, you can set up a portable shelter to keep your equipment safe and dry. Choose one with a sealable and lockable flap.

5. Classic car carport. Some portable shelters are large enough to hold a car, a truck, even an RV! That classic car you want to preserve could sit in your garage, but that space is already spoken for. If you have the land and the room, a carport provides both a vehicle entry point and a screened vent, to protect your vehicle from the weather elements, dirt, debris and bird droppings.

6. Garden care. You’re an avid gardener and have always dreamed of having a cottage for washing your vegetables, organizing your plants or protecting your plant stakes. A portable garden shelter can be an ideal place for plant hangers, shelving and for other storage room, notes WeatherPORT, the portable shelter company based in Colorado.

7. Home greenhouse. You can even find a portable shelter that is useful as a greenhouse. You’ve wanted to raise vegetables and flowers throughout the year, but the cost of buying a permanent greenhouse was too much for you. Choosing a greenhouse will have you sorting through your large supply of flowering plants and vegetables in no time!

8. Your wedding. Your special day is coming and you’re planning to have the reception outside. Weather conditions should be good, but in the event of rain, you have no backup plan. Except for a portable shelter that can be rented for the occasion. Guarantee that your special day will be a success by having a shelter in place.

Shelter Considerations

Whether you buy or rent a portable shelter, you need to determine if it meets your needs and can stand the test of time. Ideally, you will find one that is easy to install, not too difficult to maintain and can be taken down with ease, if needed. Choose one for your next big event whether that be a wedding, a graduation party, a training seminar or your next family picnic.

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