If using the furnace for heating the entire home is not what you wish, an electric room heater for heating your own room in harsh winters is truly what you would love to have! This is because the unit acts more efficiently to warm up your room without having to heat up the entire house.

Unlike gas or oil-powered heaters, these modern versions neither demand extra energy or ventilation nor do they emit harmful gases, rendering themselves safe for outdoor and indoor use. So, are you about to buy an electric heater? Well, here are some features to consider for selecting the right one as per your needs.


The market is full of many portable electric heaters that deliver the highest amount of flexibility, facilitating you to move them easily throughout the different areas of the home. This is a plus point as compared to other electric heaters that need you to install them permanently by incurring money and consequently upfront costs.

In case of permanent heaters, you have several options: Heaters along the baseboards, wall heaters into an interior wall, and radiant panels at ceiling level for saving floor area. No matter which one you choose, all are permanently installed devices regulated by thermostats set and wired to them for seamless performance.


Three basic technologies govern the working of electric room heaters: Convection, radiant, and combination of the two. Convection heaters work by spreading heat across the room and act as effective media for heating big areas. A few of these devices have a fan so that the heat spreads more effectively, whereas others come with an oil-filled radiator, which depends on the airflow for transferring heat.

Also known as reflective heaters, radiant heaters are exclusively made for spot heating. When turned on, they warm up instantly for directing the maximum amount of heat to the nearest area and relatively little to the remaining area. The operation is quiet and does not need fans or natural airflow. If you wish the best of both the technology, panel heaters are ideal and offer general as well as spot heating.



This is a vital factor to consider while choosing an electric room heater. Proactive customers will always look for devices that are rated and tested in a reputable laboratory such as Intertek. In the case of a portable heater, ensure that the cord is long so that you can make it reach up to the wall outlets without using any kind of extension medium for alleviating fire risk.

Similarly, the heater that you choose should not expose any hot surface and that guards such as grills fully protect it. It is equally wise to have a heater with sensors for automatic switch-off in case of tipping and overheating.


Well, this factor needs to be maximized! Therefore, choose a heater having a built-in thermostat for retaining the desired temperature automatically. You can even have a unit with a programmable timer for quick heating prior to your entry.

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