Are you thinking of pursuing a project to bring your dream kitchen into existence? You will need to take certain logical steps if you are serious about making your vision a reality. Here are the steps you need to keep in mind.

Put together the concepts

As is the case with all design projects, the first step in getting your dream kitchen is putting down your thoughts on a piece of paper. If you would rather work with pictures, look for pictures of kitchens that interest you, and save them away in an app. You can also bookmark links to pictures you find on the web. Use downtime to do a bit of surfing on your phone (what your mobile data), and gradually build a portfolio of what you like, and what you love.

Measure your kitchen

There are many guides that will help you figure out the dimensions of your kitchen. Have a look at them and get started. Of course, professionals will confirm your measurements later on but it doesn’t hurt to start the ball rolling yourself. While taking the measurements, don’t forget to factor in materials that will be removed as part of the design process, and those that will remain.

Make a list of appliances

As you are looking to build your new kitchen, there will invariably be new appliances you would love to incorporate into the kitchen. Factor these into the general kitchen design. Make a list of these appliances and the model numbers so it will be easy for you to find them when you are ready to shop. At this stage, you should also think of some new cookware to bring into the kitchen. Have you read our articles about some nice cookware?
Look here, for example.

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Decide on the actual design

At this point, you should talk to professional kitchen designers, as they will help you make choices on colour and texture. Most of the time the best thing to do is to leave durable surfaces, such as benchtops, in timeless neutral colours, while the walls should be coloured to match other parts of the building. This kind of design makes it easy to revive your kitchen a few years down the line.

Professional measuring

At this point, the crooked walls, the floors, and all other such areas will be measured in detail. This step is crucial if you want to avoid frustrations and dual expenditure during the process. Good kitchen designers will do this for you, and will also bear any expenses arising as a result of false measurements.

The last stage

This is the building stage. It is a very complex stage where a lot of hands have to be on deck to build you that dream kitchen. Depending on the scope of the design, you may have to bring in builders, kitchen cabinet installers, gas fitters, plumbers and electricians.  If you are working with a good bespoke kitchen provider, all of these should be sorted by them, and they will be involved throughout the building stage. They will know what to demand from the various sub-trades so as to get the final result you want.

Think and plan logically when you are starting a kitchen project and you will be far more likely to get an end result that you love.

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