Instant pot duo vs lux, what a rivalry, huh. In this article, we are ready to help you to.

Instant Pots have been a great success in cooking but also many people are hoping to get to know this device better. Regardless of whether you are an experienced instant pot user or you are only thinking of buying this machine, you will want to know the difference between instant pot duo and lux. You’re lucky, we have found the answer. But don’t forget to check out our article on instant pot size comparison.

The issue is that both of these pressure cookers from a similar brand appear to be identical and individuals can’t make sense of the contrast between them. I, myself, have been mistaken for quite a while and couldn’t locate the correct differentiation between the two as of not long ago.

The cost is the main recognizable distinction between the two. However, if we dig deeper, the Duo pressure cooker is 7 out of 1 while the LUX is 6 out of 1. This clarifies the way that both of these incredible pressure cookers have plenty of highlights making them not quite the same as one another.

The reason we are writing this article is to enable you to distinguish the contrasts between the two monsters. I will likewise demonstrate to you the unnoticeable errors for better understanding. We have to place our cash in the opportune spot so realizing the distinctions will help in a great deal in the buy choice.

Difference between instant pot lux and duo – what you need to know

For the most part, the Instant Pot Lux can just work at high pressure, while the Duo can do both. Obviously, some ingredients require low pressure, so definitely Duo Instant Pot wins here. This is the greatest contrast between them. While the Lux can cook lots of food, Duo is one step ahead though. Fancy yogurt? Turn to Duo.

What about condensation? I bet you had that problem where you try to open up the lid and you get water all over your hands and maybe clothes. If you hate it as much as I do, I advise you to turn to Duo, because the Lux doesn’t have a lid holder.

Does the appearance matter? Well, it surely does, but

Clearly, from a visual perspective they are almost identical, aren’t they? They are both made by one manufacturer. The Duo has a bigger LED screen and more catches on the front, this is down to it having more highlights and preset capacities. The Duo likewise has the cover holder we referenced before.

Both are like such an extent that it is far-fetched you will lean toward the appearance of one over the other. The Duo looks marginally progressively present day because of its bigger screen.

The two of them come in 3 sizes, 3qt, 6qt, and 8qt. The 6qt is the most mainstream decision yet in the event that you have a huge family to cook for, at that point you ought to likely get the bigger 8qt rendition. It isn’t considerably more cash however clearly it occupies more room in your kitchen.

Both are produced using hardened steel and there are no nonstick surfaces to stress over within the pot. The internal pot on both is hardened steel, they are anything but difficult to spotless and much dishwasher safe. The gadget itself cleans off effectively too.

The two Instant Pot review: Instant pot lux60 vs duo60

We have done a survey on every one of the accompanying and furthermore clarified the highlights of the two models independently. This will enable you to choose which to purchase and furthermore let you know the distinctions that issue.

Instant Pot DUO 60

DUO 60 is one of the most progressive electric weight cookers at any point made. The DUO 60 is an enormous contender for other brand models in the market. The highlights installed in this model have made different brands stressed. With every one of the highlights, an expanded cost doesn’t hurt that much. You are getting the proper thing for the correct cash to be sure. The web is loaded up with a few surveys on right now Pot model, and every one of them will flaunt its characteristics and highlights with firmly more positive contemplations about it. How about we view the advantages and disadvantages of this incredible instant pot model.


• The cost is definitely not a difficult issue with every one of these qualities including highlights installed in the DUO 60. These highlights infer set this model apart from the LUX 60.

• The wellbeing cooking measures are available in this model while the LUX doesn’t have any.

• This model is 7 of every 1 which implies that this weight cooker has one more cooking alternative than the LUX.

• The easy to use control board guarantees usability and accommodation simultaneously. The entire framework is anything but difficult to control and work without causing much disarray.

• This model has been evaluated as the best weight cooker of 2015.


• The slight increment in cost may stress the customers on a restricted spending plan.

• Many customers have seen this as a costly and top of the line luxury kitchen machine.

Instant Pot IP-LUX 60

The DUO 60 and the LUX 60 are two contenders under one brand. The LUX 60 has imperceptibly fewer highlights than the DUO 60. Be that as it may, it can win the hearts of more clients because of its reasonable cost. The LUX 60 is 6 out of 1 with one less cooking choice than the DUO 60.


• This model is intended to target value touchy purchasers. The LUX offers more at a plausible cost. The value factor will, in general, ignore the astonishing highlights of the DUO 60.

• Consumers with a restricted spending plan can purchase this model of the instant pot and have the benefit of bringing outstanding amongst other electric weight cookers their kitchen.

• The Instant pot LUX 60 has every one of the highlights you need from an ideal electric weight cooker.


• The exceptional highlights of the DUO 60 are not found in this model.

• The good old plan affects the offers of this model.

• Lesser cooking choices additionally make the buyers search for a superior option or even go for the DUO 60.

Which Instant Pot Pressure Cooker merits purchasing

This choice stays reliant on your financial limit, necessity, and requirements. On the off chance that you don’t have any spending issues, at that point the Instant Pot IP-DUO 60 is the best alternative for you considering the other brand models too.

Remembering the masters referenced above and cons, the DUO 60 is in every case better. Be that as it may, the Instant Pot IP-LUX 60 satisfies the necessity of an electric weight cooker in a magnificent manner. So why spend more on this and get the ideal model at the best cost.

Value delicate clients should anticipate purchasing the LUX 60, and if there are no value issues, DUO 60 will be your ideal cooking accomplice.

Last but not least

We suggest that you should watch a Duo vs lux instant pot video and make your conclusions 🙂

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