Homes come in all different varieties, whether it’s a house, a bungalow, flat, a boat, a caravan, a hole in the ground, whatever, it’s still home. You need to protect it right so that you don’t have the crushing discovery that someone has been rifling through your personal belongings taking whatever they deem worth their time to steal. It’s a horrible situation and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone and that is why I want to help you protect your home.

Some of what I’m going to tell you in this article may well be obvious; however, it’s always good to be reminded as you may have overlooked something when protecting your own home.

The Four Steps

These four steps should be an extremely useful deterrent.

Step One:

It’s a simple one: fit a burglar alarm. It makes sense, doesn’t it? If a burglar sees one, they are less likely to burgle, also if they do attempt anything the noise that one makes will alert anyone in the vicinity. They are also good if you are worried about burglary whilst you sleep as you can activate the alarm to just function for the bottom half of the house, or certain sectors. This is works for all types of accommodation.


Step Two:

This one is similar to the one above, but have you thought about getting CCTV. CCTV is a great deterrent as no burglar is going to risk being filmed committing their crime. Even if you get a brave intruder, the police have a great starting point from which to begin their investigation as they have footage of the person in question.

Don’t worry about cost either as nowadays CCTV isn’t that expensive.

Step Three:

Goodbye letterbox! You don’t need it. Burglars will use them to scope out the property to see if there is anything worth stealing, and plus they will be able to use devices in which to steal your keys if they are in sight of the box. It might be a good idea then to get a new door to stay secure.

Also, don’t leave windows open when you are not there, even if they are the type that a person wouldn’t fit through as they can still be used to grab valuables.

Step Four:

Get a faithful pooch! They will alert anyone within the area if someone walks in the site of your house. If you’re asleep then don’t worry, the dog will wake you if anyone tries to enter the property that shouldn’t be. Also, as soon as a burglar hears the dog, they will make a break for it, lest they are discovered. Never get a cat; they are cowards who will be out the door before you can say ‘boo’.

There you have it: my four top tips at deterring intruders. Now, obviously there are more tips, but 3 didn’t seem enough and 5 seemed too much, so I settled on four. These four, in my opinion, are the best ways of protecting your home.

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