What is an instant pot? Sounds like a multi-functional device that can fulfil lots of your wants and save a great deal of your precious time.

Have you been thinking about making your life easier recently? But have you ever wondered about existing instant pot sizes? In this article, we won’t talk about instant pot breakfast or dinner recipes, but we will find out what sizes instant pot for a family of 4 or more people there are. Or maybe you live alone? Anyway, this is a perfect choice for everyone who eats. Just think about taking some ingredients left in your fridge, putting them in, shutting the top, pressing a couple of buttons and just enjoy on the couch.

Sounds tempting? Huh, I bet. But before that, you just need to answer one simple question “what size instant pot do I need?” Perhaps you already possess one and you’re considering purchasing more.

You have seen the articles and videos, so now you undoubtedly realize that having an electric weight cooker is an incredible method to spare time in the kitchen.  Picking one of the moment pot sizes accessible can be an overwhelming task, however.

If you never owned that pot, it can be quite hard to understand what you need.
We’ve investigated the distinctive moment pot sizes accessible, and have assembled this manual to spare you time and settle on the decision a simpler one.

Well, maybe you’re addicted to healthy and easy eating, who knows.  All in all, we took the three primary sizes of Instant Pots – 8 qt., 6 qt., and 3 qt. and made instant pot size comparison just for you 🙂

What instant pot size is right for you

You may ask yourself “How big is 6 quarts? How big is 8 quarts?” Just look at the picture above.

In the beginning, let’s glimpse at standard sizes.

This little 3 qt. is so charming and not heavy at all. Do you have a small kitchen? Not a problem, it will fit perfectly.

Are you looking for a middle ground? Then, 6 qt. baby is just for you.

Are you a happy owner of a spacious house with a huge kitchen? Congratulations, then take this 8 qt. instant pot, it will draw all the attention of your guests.

Instant pot diameters

As you can see, there are plenty of options that will satisfy all the demands of even the pickiest customers. You only need to choose 🙂

Where to begin

Consider the fact that there are different brands and models, so a wide assortment of weight cooker sizes is accessible.

You can discover anything from a moderately petite 3-quart model to the biggest moment pot size at an astounding 14 quarts. How on earth is an individual expected to pick, though?

Here are 3 key tips to enable you to pick the best pot with respect to your family:

     1. How much food do you need?

The primary thing to investigate is what number of individuals you for the most part cook for. For these reasons, a little gathering is normally viewed as 1-3 individuals, and a huge one as 4 or more.

      2. Define your cooking style

Do you like to cook each day? Would you like to have scraps or only enough for one supper? If you have plenty of time and like freshly cooked meals you should go for a small one. But if you also cook for someone else, maybe your significant other go for 6qt, trust me, you don’t want to have a hungry man. Bad idea.

In case you’re cooking regularly for a greater gathering, or you don’t cook 3 times a day, you’ll need to go with a bigger model.

Believe us, an 8-Quart is the starting point, and in case you’re cooking for in excess of 6 individuals, you’ll unquestionably need to consider significantly bigger sizes.

      3. WHAT you cook factors in choosing your instant pot size

The following thing to consider is WHAT you’ll be cooking. For the most part stew or curry with reduced down bits of meat and vegetables?

Or on the other hand, would you say you are searching for a quick method to cook pot broil with infant potatoes? Entire chickens to make scrumptious natively constructed soup?

It’s not simply the aggregate sum of the nourishment you’ll be cooking, yet the size of the pieces that are going in.

Purchasing huge cuts of meat is an extraordinary method to set aside cash, yet you may be amazed by how rapidly enormous pieces will pile up inside even a huge moment pot.

Without a doubt, you can separate them yourself into littler lumps, however, that adds to your time in the kitchen, which you were attempting to eliminate.

In case you’re going to purchase enormous cuts, help yourself out and get the following size up when you purchase your cooker.


Two of the most popular sizes of moment pot are the 6 and 8 quarts.

Six quarts is frequently viewed as the normal and is accessible in virtually every model. It’s an incredible size for cooking for a little to medium family, and positively huge enough to do some group cooking in.

The inward pot fits effectively in many dishwashers, and the cooker doesn’t take up a colossal measure of room on your counter.


It is all awesome, and for some individuals, it’s everything the cooker they’ll ever need.

What’s the genuine advantage to consider knocking up to an 8-quart cooker, at that point?

One explanation would be in case you’re cooking for a more significant gathering. It’s not merely the number of individuals, however.

Numerous guardians will likewise realize that high school young men with healthy cravings may mean (at least two!) regular eaters.

Do the children bring companions home for suppers regularly? Do you like facilitating supper gatherings? On the off chance that any of these concern you, think about an 8 quart, regardless of whether just three individuals live in your home for all time.

Another valid justification for considering moving up to an 8 quart is on the off chance that you’ve begun doing bunch preparing and making cooler suppers.

On the off chance that you need to prepare enough chicken for a multi-week of suppers, think about that a 6 quart will probably have the option to cook one chicken.
Realize that it will take a wholly stacked 8-quart moment pot somewhat longer to come up to cooking weight than a 6 quart. However, it’s still a lot quicker than cooking two separate clumps.

With a brief period and thought, we’re sure you’ll locate the ideal moment pot (or two) for your way of life.

What else do you get with the instant pot itself?

It doesn’t matter which size you chose, they all come with a standard package: a measuring cup, two spoons, also a small bowl that will take care of condensation. Of course, you will also get recipes (what a nice bonus, huh), and a manual in different languages.


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